Like with GA hard armour, Prometheus Body Armour is a global cooperation between SME's on body armour technology. These SME's are partners of GA, develop and/or manufacturer the products but also sell the products in there local market/region. The advantage of this cooperation is that we unite our knowledge, markets and practical expertise and that we are capable of supplying completely from design to built, up to on site supplies and training. This for small and large volume.

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Prometheus Body Armor is a brand name of General Armour. Prometheus Body Armor has two protection systems.

Basic Armour System

BAS stands for affordable armour for everybody. BAS is based on the current technology available in the armour industry.



Modular Protection System 

MPS stands for next generation and highly innovative body armour technology. The MPS system is not only designed for comfort but mainly on multi- purpose and multi functional use. With the MPS we do not think in terms of body Armour but more in terms of Body Shield Technology and Concepts

The Greek Myth

Prometheus was a Titan who was known as the creator, shaper and protector of mankind.  Prometheus misled the Gods, stole the fire back from the Gods and gave it to man so that  mankind could protect and develop themselves. Throughout history Prometheus has symbolized unyielding strength that resists oppression. Furthermore Prometheus was known for his Foresight. (for links see bottom of page).

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