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General Armour specializes in moulded parts in which armouring features are integrated (integrated / structural armour). We sell private label products like Carshield and Intershield but also custom moulded parts completely developed and made on your demands. 

Normally if you want to armour your product or want protection, most of the time you are confronted that you only buy flat panels (metal or composite). However, this is just the beginning of the process. This has to made in shape, drilled, trimmed, assembled etc. Not to talk about the amount of suppliers taking part in the process of finalizing your product.

We at General Armour look at this from a complete different point of few. Protection / Armouring is one of the features of the product and should be integrated within your product. This can be an add-on door and/or interior panel but also a complete door, or the back of a car seat, bank counter, or structural armour parts. So why pay twice and double the weight.

If you start thinking this way you will see that the possibilities are enormous as well in adding value to your product but also in terms of big savings (not only in money but also in weight).  

REMARK: Market information

Also basic standard composite armoured panels/sheets can now be bought at GA. However this is not a market we focus on for the long term. GA has decided to produce these panels with partners to fill in the current shortage in the market.

If you have ideas, request or problems do not hesitate to contact us.

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General Armour.

General Armour is a Cooperation of United Composites and several partner SME's.
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